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Ecological Projects Poland is involved in a range of projects aimed at exploiting the coal mining waste in various industries. The Company has developed and implemented a carbon recovery method from coal mining waste which far exceeds the efficiency of existing technologies. As a result, mining waste that has been stored up to now they may be processed in an efficient and economical way.

At the same time mining waste is the source of many types of aggregates, mainly used in road construction. The technologies used allow them to be separated and fractionated, depending on the current needs of the customers.

Carbon recovery

Coal and carbon concentrates formed in the recovery processes of coal waste, most of them have coal fractions within 0 – 30 mm. As the flotation fractions are recovered in the process, the resulting carbon concentrates enriches produced culm to a cost-effective calorific value of more than 24 MJ/kg.

The process of milling has an influence on the amount of ash, caloric value and water content of the resulting material. There is no influence on the content of sulfur and volatiles. This has a significant impact on the classification of coal and requires a lot of experience in introducing the produced material into the heat industry.

The essence of our production is that all methods used in our processes do not generate any waste. There are also no enriching agents (chlorides, fluctuants) and the production process is based on a water-air bath of waste. No pollution enter the environment.  

Production of aggregates

Due to the development of road construction and infrastructure in Poland, the demand for mineral aggregates has increased significantly in recent years. Aggregates are an indispensable component of the investment development of each country. In order to meet this market's needs, Poland needs to produce about 230 mln Mg of aggregates.

The available aggregate resources will not meet the needs of the construction industry, including in particular road construction, and it is therefore a great opportunity for coal waste that has undergone adequate recovery will meet the requirements for aggregates.

All fractions of coal waste can be used. This task requires the addition of selective waste extraction at each stage of waste processing.

 Photo of mining aggregate production