Ecological Projects Poland

Ecological Projects Poland (EPP) – specialist in safe and cost effective management of hazardous waste.

Photo worker and waste disposal facility

Ecological Projects Poland operates in the area of highly advanced technology of waste disposal, recycling and neutralization of industrial waste, including:

  • reduction of the waste stream through the recovery/recycling of the selected waste components,
  • optimization of waste management from the point of view of environmental protection and/or economic parameters of the process,
  • neutralization of hazardous waste combined with the recovery of valuable components and energy.

Effective activities in this area is supported by very good knowledge of the industrial waste market and close cooperation with companies and specialists in this field.

Currently, projects are being implemented in the field of coal mining waste (heaps) and the residues of energy production (fly ash). It is also planned to begin work on the development of metallurgical wastes: slags, ashes, dusts, etc., which are stored being a serious threat to the environment.

The introduction of methods and technologies includes a number of key elements, including:

  • recovery of valuable waste components,
  • full neutralization of hazardous waste to a completely environmentally inert product or at least separation of hazardous components for further processing,
  • In parallel with the technology development, the economic aspects of the planned industrial process are analyzed, so that its implementation is both technologically and economically succesful.

The ambition of the Management Board is not only to adopt existing methods and solutions to the requirements of the Client, but also to develop own technologies for the management and utilization of waste and the production of useful materials that can be widely used. To these purposes, the Department of New Technologies has been founded, which is based on a team of recognized specialists in various fields. An analytical and research laboratory will also be organized to provide internal and external services.